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Monthly Archives: February 2009

funny vid i found on

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Bust your Nuggets

I cannot believe he managed to find a programme willing to let him play this to the general public, or that his label let him put it out as a single. Funny story about this though, when it was released in the 90s the London Underground were in the habit of placing poems on the [...]

Finally got in a print studio

My scanner can’t even see the pink. So amazing, can’t wait to get this job finished!

Serving suggestion

Take one sandwich made with what appear to be the finest, freshest ingredients. Drizzle with multi surface cleaner mixed with a touch of sweet chili dip (to take the bite out) and eat. now lay back, relax, and spend the next three days in a permanent state of discomfort. Why not try complimenting this with [...]


Deathcrush is the brainchild of Joseph Marshall, an old friend of mine from Leeds’ more alcohol drenched days and co-founder of the monster that is SEXBEAT.  It’s a monthly affair at the Old Blue Last and is back again this Friday.  Its a right old mix of dirty, primative rock and roll, sugar-soaked heroin rock [...]

Leeds Guide illustration

I did this for an article Nell wrote about jumpsuits. She leaped at the chance to be depicted as a transvestite but I’ve got a soft spot for the skier Nell with massive sticky out ears.

apparently its been snowing…

ace fun.

Bruce’s all powerful crotch in the face of America.

I have an awful habit to admit to, one that sits oddly with my supposed tastes in fashion, music, literature and film.  My carefully constructed self image is a sham.  Any pretensions to life as a prodigious savant is a delusion.  I am not a bohemian artiste, I am a gridiron nut. American football has [...]

Im The Batshit-crazy-with-rage-man

I’m not a massive fan of giving actors a hard time when they want private lives but my gosh this is brilliant. Remember this… …well it seems Christian Bale has decided on his own homage. Seems his Director of Photography on Terminator Salvation pissed him off once too many times. Bale’s method trait of staying [...]