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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Je Suis Une Creepy.

Nell also brought up my love of Kid Creole, which reminded me of this cover I saw on Popjustice earlier in the week. which is on PARLOPHONE. This is that type of pop so beloved of middle aged men but never seems to actually sell. See also; Shampoo. Seriously Parlophone, we know you’ve been outed [...]


Me and nell got into a bit of a disagreement this morning about this song Now, I really like it. Its daft, its a pop song that takes itself VERY seriously whilst reinventing Dead Souls as a disco smash; put simply its the Human League do Joy Division. What’s funny is hearing lyrics that are [...]

I’ve not given up, honest.

Sorry for the lack of visible activity but I’m in the process of putting this massive Cribs project to bed. Will give you a full catch up next week. In other news, it seems the Alumni of Narcsville are doing rather well. If you invest in the current issue of the NME you will see [...]


Hmmm, Guess the brand U2 are in bed with oddly familiar no? they probably long for the days of this guess the conspiracy theorists will be going nuts now. Also, all of the above is shockingly dull.

ANTOINE, the best French genre hopper of the sixties

perhaps. Pierre Antoine Muraccioli is a tricky man to find information on, especially if you need it in English. Bar a sparse lastfm page, you’re stuck digging. But why bother digging? Well this video should explain why… BOOM! A swinging hybrid of Bob, ‘MAD’ Richard Ashcroft, and Devo. this site here – – is [...]

“could you just do this really quick amend?”

Cheat On Me

No life no life no life no life no life no life no life no life no life. Cannot wait to show everyone the rest of this project, but the single sleeves are here.