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Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Hardest Bizarro to Bizarro

This morning I happened to stuble across the Third Man Records site looking slightly odd, the images were all flipped and the colours were wrong.  At first I thought it was just someone fucking up, but when I clicked on a link it sent me to another page which seemed even more messed up than [...]


Just a quick post about the artwork for the cover for The XX’s album which is called XX. Now you may or may not have seen the artwork but its the image below: Which is a perfect sleeve for the modern digital consumption of music, and signals that simplicity is king in the age of [...]

“Oh, I Just work in a shop for money, I’m actually a Musician…”

So I’m about 100,000 years behind planet blogosphere when it comes to the new stuff by Interpol’s Paul Banks. Seems their lead singer and primary songwriter was feeling trapped by the tight restraints of being Interpol’s lead singer and primary songwriter, so he’s created a side project, that sounds a bit like interpol. BUT its [...]