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Monthly Archives: September 2009

what the hell happened to rock music?

I know rock is supposed to make less sense to me the older I get but really? Seriously?! Is this what the kids think is cool these days? I feel like I’m the dinosaur who slept through the asteroids. In fact its almost enough to make me revisit the bad records of my teenage years. [...]

I forgot to put a link to this

But the lovely Guardian have put a showreel of mine on their site. Go have a look

i hate fake emotion

but I can’t be all full of shit about the Swayze. Point Break (1991) – 4 – by Sebmagic I bet he’s paddled to NZ.


I’ve been digging in the archives, collecting shots for a special project, and in the process I found this gem.  It’s a shot of Ryan preparing to record a violin part for the b-side ‘I Was Her Man But I Done Her Wrong’ , taken from the desk in their old recording space in Springtime [...]

accidental influence.

Didn’t see this one coming. Note the right hand cropping of the prints.


Picture the scene, you’re in the office of MTV’s department responsible for Rockband, you’ve had a perfect build up to the release of your new baby ‘Beatles Rockband’ which is a shoe in for the Christmas present 2009.  Everyone in the building is eyeing you enviously for such a smooth, professional PR campaign.  Surely nothing [...]

* choke!*

Ever get the impression web subs are willing to do anything to get good click through rates?  Even at the Beeb? !!! Now I don’t know about you, but with the current state of ‘celebrity’ gossip the first thing that came to mind was this; but the eagled eyed out there will have seen that [...]

The Cribs take the city

As London dwellers may have noticed, The Cribs’ newest record has been plastered all over the place. It’s a satisfying book end to a very busy few months, although credit for the billboards shouldn’t be taken here; Jeff at is the chap who took the artwork from me and gave it a shimmy to [...]

well this is just blowing my mind

Turns out the ASA aren’t massive fans of American Apparel’s love of jail bait.