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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Have a sneak peak at a work in progress…

Those of you who pay attention may know my partner Nell works at the Women’s Library in Whitechapel.  Before you ask, Men ARE allowed in!  It is in fact a library of women’s history rather than a library for women’s use only.  It was here I saw the banners used on suffragette marches which sparked [...]

How to know your local pub hates you

Its in the little things they write.

nothing beats a massive head on a tiny, strangely shaped body

Magazine covers and adverts are clearly mental. They are designed to grab your attention in a split second, but rarely stand up well to close scrutiny. That’s fine if you are aware this is what they are doing, but if you begin to let them influence your world view you’re in trouble. Take, for example, [...]

any ideas who I can get cheap gas from?

I inadvertently found myself on the Evening Standard site today. Now I do understand the fact they rely on advertising to support their paper, but isn’t this a bit much? Not only was I greated by a full page spread for British Gas before I saw any content (no screen grab I’m afraid) but the [...]

Sometimes it feels like no matter what I say, no one is listening

Check out Winston. He’s struggling to find his voice in the crowd. Winston’s owner is behind the brilliant fourfour blog where you can never find a signal.

I had a very nice thing happen yesterday

My good friend (and ex housemate) Dan gave me a life back home from Leeds to Hackney.  He totally dropped a awesome surprise on me by lending me his 1210! I had been talking to him about the state of my turntable and putting the club world to right when he had casually mentioned lending [...]

Does anyone want to pay me for this album sleeve?

Just imagine the instant ubiquity you would gain thanks to the iconic nature of this cover. I’m sure it would help you profile considerably. Seriously though, someone must have done this by now? If not, why not?

guess where this is from

Answer after the jump!

Sorry if you’re squeamish

…but this is too damn good to ignore.