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Monthly Archives: September 2010


…enhance… …enhance… …enhance… …enhance… check out this guy taking his floating bottle for a walk.


A quick lesson in escaping a seminal indie night

You can’t. Especially when you find old playlists and there are only three songs you don’t like, and they were picked by the other one. welcome to the working week. Elvis Costello direction. The Cribs step into my office, baby. Belle & Sebastian Temporary Secretary. Paul McCartney outside my area. klang The Pink G.R.Ease. Pink [...]


What I’d give for more me time.

Website load problems make me sadder than this

The internet can be great, it opens the world to anyone who wants a look and helps us to find our voice.  Except for when it doesn’t.  Then, it’s just a big old ball of bull crap.  I’m trying to fix this place, but it refuses to work properly.  Jim Henson would be so frakkin [...]

Love this photo

Clare Nash did some shots of The Cribs I used last year.  She’s been shooting Kate this summer.  Check out her site.